PKKMB Mediastinum App

July, 2022
Web Application

About Client


Help committee to organizing attendee(s), giving report for each day, and auto generate final report. All based from 'penugasan' that the committee created before

Tools & Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Cloudflare, CPANEL


Created with PHP Native for the backend, MySQL as database, and calcified using AJAX from JQuery for CRUD related jobs. Bootstrap for all the UI, Datatable for data display, SweetAlert for Dialog & Confirmation Box, Summernote as Text Editor, and finally using FPDF to generate Final Report and Certificate to PDF based on data that the committee input or created.

Features Including:

Attendee Management (Name, ID, Major, Group ID), Assignment (Name, Type, Creator, Range for Predicate), Admin Role, Report (per Day and per Group, based on the assignment created), Attendee Ranks, Predicate (Active-Most Active, Bad-Really Good), Certificate Generator (based from attendee assignment)

The development area is managed using CPANEL with LiteSpeed as the Server. Using Cloudflare Free as the CDN, DNS, and compression

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